Flexible billing drives a system providing a client portal, trust accounting, form assembly, contact management, task tracking, pipeline management, integration with phone and email systems, along with tools for providing better client service without working harder.

ClientMatters does more than billing: it helps protect your practice.


"Cloud-based" is more than a buzzword: It's an opportunity. An opportunity for you to focus on the practice of law, not running and maintaining software on servers. Never worry about another update, power outage, or other disaster. ClientMatters runs securely on one of the world's largest and most robust cloud-based platforms providing fault-resilience and regular backups of your critical data.

Go where you need to go. ClientMatters will go with you.

Better Service

ClientMatters is designed to help you distinguish yourself. Accurate billing, easy client contact, simple status reporting, fool-proof trust accounting, task tracking, comprehensible statements, and the unique Status Carousel ™ are a few of the tools built in to ClientMatters.

ClientMatters helps you provide improved client service without working harder.


Attorneys want to use the devices they have. Some systems force everyone into a similar hardware box or struggle to configure access between the attorney's laptop, phone, or tablet and your internal systems. With ClientMatters, one login does it all. The user experience responds to the type of device being used so that no matter where you are and no matter what you are using, ClientMatters is easy and available.

Go ahead, Bring Your Own Device!