ClientMatters is a cloud-based client billing and trust accounting system designed to provide a better client experience without requiring you to work harder.

Record billable time, nonbillable time, expenses, payments, credits, and refunds to each client account. You can also record status entries such, e.g. "Your matter is set for trial on Feb 14, 2015 at 9:00 a.m",that are immediately emailed to the client and recorded on the billing statement.
Record private notes that are not displayed on the billing forms or printed on billing statements. Use these notes to record confidential information that is shared within your firm but not disclosed to outsiders.
Each client's trust account balance is automatically and continuously updated as you record billing entries. Firm-wide policy options allow you to decide when to recognize fixed fees as earned, i.e. upon receipt or upon completion of the matter. Trust accounting also accounts for whether a client's trust deposits are refundable or non-refundable. Trust reports can be accessed at any time by properly authorized users of the billing system.
Create billing statements each month and save them into your electronic document management system or client file folders. ClientMatters billing statements are easy for clients to understand and clearly show trust account balances as of the beginning of the month and the end of the month, all credits and charges, and status entries. (Private notes never appear on billing statements.) The statement automatically determines whether an additional payment is due from the client and prints that information at the top of the statement.
Set up each client's matter with full contact and matter information, indicating whether trust deposits are refundable, choosing a preferred invoice deliver method (mail or email), identifying the next steps to be taken in the matter, and listing submatters within the engagement (if any). For example, if a client hires you to enforce child support and modify the possession schedule, you would create one client record, and create two submatters: "Enforcement" and "Modification". In that way, the fees can be separated between the submatters which makes testifying about and seeking legal fees easier to defend.
Each time keeper has a default billing rate and you can set up custom billing rates on a per-client basis.
Our master datebase maintains a list of judges and court personnel that are automatically associated with a litigation matter based on the court name, e.g. "429nd District Court". You can also create a list of contacts within your firm that includes opposing counsel, parenting facilitators, counselors, process servers, relatives, social study evaluators, etc. and then associate these contacts with individual matters. Associating contacts with client matters enables the quick generation of emails, faxes, and letters to a contact with the client matter reference already filled in.
Quickly generate common forms such as fee agreements, letters, financial information statements, inventories and appraisements, hearing notices, etc. This provides uniform, error-free document generation directly in to your word processor.
A touch-friendly client console lists all clients and provides buttons to place a phone call to the client, send an email, write a letter, make billing entries, save private notes, and setup and view contacts. The console adapts itself according to the type of device you are using: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
ClientMatters is closely integrated with RingCentral's VOIP phone system. This integration allows you to place phone calls to clients with the click of a button and have the details of the call automatically recorded into the billing system. It also permits you to call clients from your home phone or cell phone while the client only sees your office caller-id: your private telephone numbers are never revealed.
Draft an email to a client or any contact from within ClientMatters using your favorite email program and record the details of the message in the billing system.

Imagine . . .

 Every member of your team having instant access to the latest account details when they answer a client phone call.

 Having access to your client management system from your desktop, smartphone, tablet with flawless synchronization.

 Placing a call to a client with the touch of a single button while a record of the call is automatically added to your billing system.

 Up to the minute trust accounting with custom revenue recognition rules that you set.

 Generating letters, billing statements, hearing notices and other commonly used forms with a single click.

 Maintaining a file of private notes associated with each account.

 Having a status message sent to your client whenever you add a status entry to the billing system.

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